A lesson I’ve forgotten:

Find what is universally accepted as beautiful, what has withstood the test of time and endured as classic and desirable, and explore it.  Enjoy it, learn from it, build upon it…especially in times of trial.  This was a lesson taught to me by Bodie and Brock Thoene’s Zion Covenant and Chronicles series.

What reminded me? This. Among the hardship and uncertainty of a hotspot such as Ramallah, a traffic cop makes the most of his position in life and inserts a little levity and beauty into an ugly place.

Sure, it’s a little freakish / out there, but it’s also a magnificent picture of optimism and free spirit.  The music helps, of course.

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Goodbye, girls.

There are no more KC-135s at Beale AFB. The 940th Air Refueling Wing has flown its last KC-135 mission – a mission to Selfridge AFB in Michigan to hand off the last two planes. The flightline at Beale will never hear a TF-33 or F-108 run again.

I’m more choked up about this than I should be. I loved working on tail #1512. I had my name on the T.O. cabinet as a crew member. She was sleek, fast, efficient, reliable and although she was old, Senior Master Sergeant Randy Cook and his ragtag little band of misfits kept her in great shape. She took me to Hawaii for the first time, she took me to Portland to see my father, where we got lost in the mountains and almost didn’t make it out by nightfall.

My first plane, my first unit…gone. #1512 is still flying, somewhere. Some crew chief in Michigan or Tennessee is proud of her. She’ll probably outlast him in service, too.

Her enemies will never be natural.

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