Busted. Twice.

No trip to England.  We ended up getting slipped(schedule pushed back) twice, a day each time.  When we finally left(we did leave the first time, we just never met our fighters or left the country, just flew around for a while and went home), it was a 8-hour flight from the west to east coast and back again.  I got to see some nighttime refueling, which was pretty neat.

So, I’ve spent most of the month at Travis.  Not bad.  I could see myself getting into it.

I’m not sure I could do it full time and not fall into the rut that I do after the shiny, new sheen wears off of every job I’ve had.  The money would be great, but would I truly be happy after it was not longer an occasion, but a routine?  I’m hoping it never gets old, but it’s getting tough.  I am NOT giving up, though.

I’ve had a pretty good month.  I found some FOD in an engine during a preflight and got a lot of positive attention for it.  I’ve got a bunch of core tasks signed off, as well.

I got put on a trip without asking, which was supposed to be 8 days, and got downgraded to 3, then 2.  It started off as Alaska, Hawaii and Korea, then got changed to Alaska, Japan, and Korea, and now it’s just Alaska.  I am going to freeze my arse off up there.  Alaska in late October? Oh, Lord, help me.

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