*tap*tap* *feedback*

This thing on?

….aaand we’re live.  Welcome to the revamped thewingnut.com, folks, after 3 years of scud running below the clouds, we’re back up above the weather and running in the clear again!

Lord, it’s bright up here. At any rate, don’t expect all this stuff to be permanent, we’re still screwing around in the hangar with the rigging and paint, so expect the unexpected.  If the engine cuts out, don’t worry, your life vests are under the seats and the seat cushions can be used for flotation in case someone grabbed your vest for a souvenir.  The exits are anywhere a hole appears, the inflight movie is Airplane! and we’ll serve complimentary food and beverages if we’re in the mood.  Get puke on anything other than the inside of your airsickness bag and we’ll have a prolonged conversation in the galley between you and the crash axe.

Thanks for flying with us, and remember that the proper crash brace position is your head between your ankles with your lips planted firmly on your posterior!  Enjoy the flight, kids!

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