Fed up and shut down.

To any of my friends who might be reading my blog – I’m not even sure if I’ve got traffic at all – I’ve got to put everyone on notice.

With a few very specific exceptions, I’m done with my primary hobby for a long time. I just can’t justify the cost of hitting the town, driving many miles, spending triple digits for dinner, drinks, clothes, events, so on, so forth.

I’ve tired of the ‘scene’, the politics, the cults of personality, the expenses and the overall lack of inspiration I get now.  I’m flat broke, to the point of asking for advances on my paycheck.  This is a point I hoped I’d never reach.

I can’t spend my spare time and what precious little money I’ve got left on something I no longer get satisfaction from.  It’s been many years of fun, but the fun is gone.  I used to get lost and absorbed in the events I’d attend. That feeling is long gone now.  It comes very rarely and lasts only a few moments.

No more vintage.  Sorry, folks.  It’s been one empty event and expensive night after another.  What I put in is no longer exceeded by what I get out.  If I don’t pull the plug now, I may never come back.

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Get out of the car!

I can spot someone driving while on a cell phone from a long distance…it’s similar to a drunk; the car slowly drifts out of its lane, makes jerky, exaggerated corrections, repeats.  I give these people a wide berth.

…and here’s a little vindication.

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Would you share a room with this man?

Petty theif and brawler as a juvenile.
Dropped out before high school.
Arrested for auto theft at the age of 19.
Enlisted and then deserted from the U.S. Navy, dishonorably discharged.
Could not hold down a job, planned his first robbery – robbed a grocery store, arrested, convicted of assault and battery with intent to rob, and conspiracy to commit a felony. Pled guilty, sentenced ten to twenty years.
Associated with bank robbers in prison and began constructing plans to rob banks following release from prison.
Paroled after serving eight and a half years. Arrested for robbing a bank four months after release.  Found with escape plans on his person while being transported into prison.
Constructed plans for the escape of eight others from prison.
While executing the plan four days after his incarceration, two escapees used smuggled rifles to murder two prison guards.  Three of the escapees returned to the prison impersonating state police officers, shot and beat a guard.
Escaped from prison and fled across state lines.
Began a bank robbing spree, impersonating a security consultant to gather information on targets.  Also impersonated a film crew in order to ‘film’ an actual bank robbery with complete cooperation from the public.  Total take over a stretch of 12 months was in excess of $300,000.
Raided state police arsenals, stole machine guns, rifles, handguns, ammunition, and ballistic vests.
Member of gang murdered a police detective between bank robberies.
Gang fled to Florida from Illinois, then to Texas, then to Arizona.
Arrested in Tuscon during a hotel fire after being recognized by firefighters.  Found with $25,000 in cash, three submachine guns and five machine guns.
Extradited back to Indiana, charged with murder of a police officer.
Tricked guard into unlocking cell, took two men hostage, imprisoned guards in his own cell and escaped.
Stole sheriff’s car to escape, crossing state lines while doing so and violating the federal Motor Vehicle Theft Act.  Car found abandoned in Chicago, indicted by grand jury. FBI started manhunt.
Moved to Minnesota.  Came under surveillance by FBI agents.  Opened fire on agents, then fled. Stole vehicle and rounded up gang members.
Robbed police station in Indiana, stealing firearms and ballistic vests.  Fled to Michigan. Trailed by police.  Fled to Wisconsin.
Holed up in remote resort in Wisconsin.  FBI alerted by owners of resort, botched sting operation, shooting three civilians mistakenly and alerting gang.  Gang engaged in firefight and escaped, killing one agent.
Assumed alias and fled back to Chicago.  Took clerk job.
Visted prostitute numerous times and prompted another prostitute to alert FBI.  FBI trailed him to theater in Chicago.
Upon exiting theater, he makes eye contact with an agent, draws a pistol and flees.
Shot dead running down an alley from FBI agents.

This man is currently being  glorified in a summer blockbuster movie.  His life has been highly fictionalized and spun for dramatic effect, and he is being presented as a ‘Robin Hood’ figure.

Who is he?

None other than John Dillinger.  Today, he would be reviled and despised by the public as a predator upon society and hunted mercilessly by law enforcement agencies from all over the nation.

Why, then, is a glossy and romantic sheen being put on his life and presented as entertainment?

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