Getting ahead of the curve.

I know it’s early for a New Year’s resolution, but sitting here in the cabin in Tahoe and having taken a hike earlier, I’ve decided to embrace a bit further a piece of myself that’s lain dormant for too long.

I’ve always had a love for the outdoors and specifically for forested, mountainous regions. I feel myself come alive when I’m walking in the woods.

I need to be more of an outdoorsman, to be able to fend for myself in the rough. Perhaps not surviving on grubs and leaves and making makeshift items purely for my own survival, but certainly knowing how to get around in the wilderness, being able identify different types of plants, animal tracks, knowing how to find sources of water, and being able to put meat in the freezer.

I’ve never actually hunted and killed anything. I’ve got one deer to my credit, and it was taken down with a Jeep Cherokee. If I had to skin and gut an animal, I might figure out how to do it, but I’d definitely make a mess. I’m squeamish. No man should be squeamish. There’s only one way to fix that – go kill something, and dress it out.

So, the plan for next year is to pick up some information and honest practice on being an effective woodsman.  I can read all the blogs and books that I want, but without some practical application, it’s somewhat pointless.

I foresee a summertime return to Tahoe. Possibly two.

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