State: Insanity.

A government that cannot be trusted to balance its books and stay out of debt is not one that should be trusted with a monopoly on force.

As of September, the state of California has mismanaged its citizens’ tax dollars to the tune of 617 BILLION dollars in debt. Law enforcement agencies across the state have slashed their manning to the bone, and potentially tens of thousands of felons have been released from prison to reduce the burden on the prison system.

Our elected officials are now pushing for laws that will make millions of peaceful citizens felons overnight, stripping them of their ability to defend themselves, despite the increased number of predatory individuals among the public, despite reduced emergency services, and despite the new policy of many law enforcement agencies to not respond to most calls.

A manhunt in Los Angeles for a former police officer whose political view sided with that who wish to disarm us has resulted in two innocent women being shot at by police without provocation, simply because they drove down the wrong street in the wrong color vehicle.  Another individual driving a vehicle that bore only a passing resemblance to the suspect’s was rammed and shot at without provocation, their vehicle totaled, and somehow they miraculously escaped injury.  This incident has been nearly completely blacked out in media outlets, save for two photographs of the Honda Ridgeline with a wheel torn off and the back of an LAPD cruiser in the corner of the photo.

In a time at which independence, self-reliance, and SELF-DEFENSE is paramount, your government(composed of supposedly everyday citizens just like yourself) is stripping you of that ability, demanding you comply and rely upon them as they attack us in the streets.


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