A policy of foolishness.

Why did ANOTHER Fort Hood shooting occur?

We give mass shooters everything they want; instant global fame, media attention for weeks, nationwide outrage and their name in lights. We spread their name and face far and wide. They should be nameless and faceless. Their victims’ names and faces should receive infinitely more attention.

We refuse to make harsh examples of the criminally violent, we refuse to swiftly punish those who prey upon others, we continue to allow endless appeals, we do not swiftly execute those who have proven that their presence among other human beings in open society results in death.

Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, we keep believing that the mentally unbalanced / criminally insane / criminally predatory will somehow be stopped by imaginary lines on the ground represented by ‘gun free zones’. We continue to say, ‘Stop, or I will say stop again’, and believe that the predatory will somehow modify their behavior. In the case of Fort Hood, we disarmed en masse those we have charged with protecting us, making them most vulnerable in the one place where they should be most secure, the one place where anyone should be terrified to commit an act of violence; we have made military bases a shooting gallery of defenseless victims.

We believe in larger and larger numbers that the state will fix the problem by passing more laws, the state will fix the problem with more police, the state will fix the problem by disarming the populace. We are convinced that if we somehow take all of the bad weapons away, predators will no longer be predatory.  We think that making something just that much more taboo will stop someone determined enough to take the life of another human being. We refuse to accept the truth that all of these factors create more and larger shooting galleries for those who don’t care about laws, aren’t afraid of police, and are seeking the defenseless as victims.  We ignore that deadly violence occurs in a matter of seconds, not minutes, and that emergency services are a delayed response to a crime, not prevention. We honestly believe that training, a steady paycheck, a badge, and a uniform will turn common citizens in supercitizens, the only ones with the training to protect us from ourselves.  We ignore their humanity and believe that these supercitizens’ elevated position in society will keep us safe and make them infallible.  We then cover our gross errors by completely ignoring and blatantly denying the consequences.

We see the armed, peaceful, common citizen as a ticking time bomb, instead of a line of defense against those who have proven themselves to be a threat to others. We run counter to our credo of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and assume that someone with the means to defend themselves must be plotting something, while ignoring those who have proven themselves to be incompatible with peaceful society.

We assume that mental instability can be detected before the person ‘goes off’.  We assume we can test for it, we assume that if we put enough checks in place that we can prevent ‘those people’ from acquiring weapons, we assume that if we can keep the guns away from them they won’t do anyone any harm.  We refuse to believe that we as a culture and society are at fault for producing psychopaths with little regard for human life and too much regard for their personal problems.

We continue to focus on the METHOD used – the weapon – instead of the ROOT CAUSE – a person that has decided their problems are more important that the lives of the people around them. We have failed multiple generations in teaching them that they are the focus of their universe, they can do no wrong, their problems are not their fault, that life is less than sacred, and that if they make enough noise, others will come running to fix the problem.

We have a cultural problem, and it has absolutely nothing to do with firearms.

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