Don’t let the turkeys get you down.

I’m weird.

There, I said it.  I have personality quirks that set me apart from the mainstream, from poor impulse control to social awkwardness, and a wealth of other items in between, not the least of which is my passion for history(yes, evidently being into things that aren’t popular in the last few years makes you a complete luddite).

Until recently, I’d been a part of a small social group since 1997.  This group, due to its basic nature, has a tendency to pick up on the out-of-the-norm aspects of people, blow those aspects out of proportion, and use that as a bludgeon to beat those people down.  It’s been going on ever since the group formed; criticizing the flaws or eccentricities of other people was the very basis of its formation.  It’s treated as a given; if you’re a part of the group, it’s accepted that you’re going to give people trouble and you’re going to take it, whether it’s all in fun or not.

After having been around for 17 years and making a number of close friends and acquaintances, I was still regarded as racist, ignorant, living in a dream world, in denial of negative historical facts(never mind that I was likely one of the most knowledgeable in the group regarding history) and in favor of a whitewashed vision of the past(one of the things that irritates the hell out of me, by the way, is the tendency of people in my hobby to idealize aspects of certain eras instead of taking a realistic, pragmatic view of history).

I grew sick of being mischaracterized.  I was sick of being demonized, sick of being talked down to, marginalized, disregarded, ignored, made fun of, disrespected, and and dismissed.

If people repeatedly prove that they can’t accept you, don’t change yourself to try to win their acceptance.  Walk away.

Nearly 10 months ago, I did.  It was a massive release.  I haven’t looked back, and I don’t care to again.  All of the negative feelings generated by my visits there are no longer present.  I no longer struggle with being accepted by my peers, because I got rid of a large number of them.

Life has since changed significantly for the better, and seems that it will continue to do so.  I can now bask in my own weirdness and nurture relationships with people who accept me as I am, without the needless background noise from those who don’t understand me, or care enough about me to make an effort to understand.

If people in your life beat you down instead of lift you up, kick their sorry butts to the curb.  You don’t need them.  The resultant lack of noise in your life will be positively liberating.


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